This website is designed to help health professionals manage children above a healthy weight, and their families.

Healthy Kids for Professionals provides you with all the resources you need to:

  • understand the health and social impacts of children above a healthy weight
  • accurately assess a child’s weight status and identify children above a healthy weight
  • sensitively discuss the issue of weight status with their families
  • communicate key lifestyle messages sensitively to parents
  • provide children and families with resources and practical support to make positive lifestyle changes
  • refer children and families in your area to specialist services and programs.

Body mass index (BMI)-for-age percentile chart.

It’s not always easy to tell if a child is a healthy weight for their age and height.

Children and teenagers need to grow, but they are healthiest if they stay within a certain weight range as they grow. This is called a healthy weight for their age.

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Weight4KIDS modules

Weight4KIDS is a professional development online learning program for all health professionals.

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Raising the issue

Listen to Professor Louise Baur, Dr Kyra Sim and Clinical Nurse Consultant Joanne Henderson about raising the issue.

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Health professional resources

A suite of new health professional resources are now available for download.

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RACGP Webinars

Dr Kathryn Williams and Dr Tim Senior present a RACGP webinar on engaging with adolescents in a discussion about healthy weight and lifestyle behaviours.

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Asthma and Being Above a Healthy Weight

Dr Georgia Rigas, Bariatric Medical Practitioner and Chair of the RACGP Obesity Management Network, shows how we can speak with parents about the link between a child’s weight status and asthma.

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When parents aren’t ready to discuss their child’s weight

Joanne Henderson, Clinical Nurse Consultant in Weight Management at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, shows how we can speak with parents about a child’s weight status using the BMI-for-age percentile chart.

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Healthy shopping

Hear from Dr Kean Seng Lim, General Practitioner at Mt Druitt Medical Centre and AMA (NSW) Vice President 2017 discuss childhood overweight and obesity and what health professionals can do to help their patients using a virtual shopping tour.

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